The 5-Step Protocol of a SJW

LMOFAO (er, please use the first ‘o’ as our)… ’cause, truly dear viewer, the entire team so, so needed JP’s mocking of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW).

Yet, underneath his facetious comedy is a a lot of hard-hitting (simultaneou head-shaking) truth.

We have brought to your attention before the ills of of the soft-sauce / passive-repressive mentality this country stews in. Masquerading as nothing more than a distraction for where power truly lies: within (but, without it having to evolve exclusive of the interpersonal dynamics that may trigger you).

We have given you a brief perspective, here, on the drawbacks of taking yourself way too seriously.

Even, recently, we have gone so far as to give some Red Pill Awareness when it comes to dating and women who are tired of all the psycho-games they have found themselves, or their close SJW friends, playing.

So yeah.. needless to say, we’re starting to realize a bit more razzle-dazzle will be needed to truly help unsheath the deep narcissism behind the shane¬† / blame driven SJW.

In the meantime, we hand the mic over to JP Sears above.

Editor’s Note: On a related thought, we’d highly encourage you to¬†AVOID POSTING your personal problems on social media. More often than note, they require require personal (i.e., interactive, one-to-one) solutions, not social (i.e. non-interactive, removed-from-details-and-context) attention.