Red Pill Rational Women

NOTE to ladies who are actively on the dating scene: Taking the 11 tips above into consideration will help you considerably find quality men. First, read below, then watch the video above.

We’re curating another video from the ever-controversial (i.e., read: straight-talking) Richard Cooper.

Why this particular video?


In a world where the feminine imperative has gotten way out of whack (to a point where even females themselves are getting nauseous because of it), the proprietor of the Entrepreneur In Cars YouTube channel helps keep it all in check.

In the video above, Richard responses to a women who is lost in all the ‘gender war’ chaos and simply wants to know how a balanced, sensible person like herself can “create real connection with a man without all the feminism b.s. of trickery, deceit, and games, as well as filter through the brainwashed beta males.”

Watch as he cuts through all the airy fairy and talks-through, briefly, a few cold-hard perspectives from how a “Red Pill” man views things.

In ref to tip #4 in the above video, watch The Dark Triad video (by Kaia Alexander) to learn more.

What Is Red Pill Awareness?

n relation to inter-gender / personal dating, first, here’s what looking through a legit (responsible) Red Pill lens is NOT:

It’s NOT about anger, cynicism. misogyny, psycho-analysis of “Women,” generalizing them, or anything else that would further put a divide between gender and grace.

It’s deep in scope (as anything that requires decades of deprogramming can be), but the elevator pitch explanation is this:

It’s a deductive study of human behavior tied to intersexual dynamics and natural-order differences between men and women. It is about 100% sef-responsibility when attempting to create a mutually-beneficial and satisfying connection (whether casual or long-term) with the opposite sex.

It’s an an honest, unvarnished assessment of the processes that dictate how men can start to view (and respond to) positive masculinity and the countering ideals, impracticalities, and divide orchestrated (often unconsciously) by The Feminine Reality.

An excerpt from The Rational Male that will set the stage for further learning:

“My intent with all this is to illustrate how the reality in which we find things “normal” is rendered by fem-centric influence.

“Across ethnicities, and encompassing all manner of social diversity, this influence is so insaturated into culture, laws, media, entertainment, from our collective social consciousness to our individual psyches that we simply take it for granted as the operative framework in which we live.

“I realize this is a tough pill to swallow, because the male imperative does in fact intersect with the female imperative depending on mutual goals.

“However, the point is that the operative framework, the reality we function in, is primarily defined by the feminine.

“I can remember first becoming aware of just the hints of this the first time I watched a popular sit-com on TV with a critical eye.

“There simply were no positively masculine actors or roles on any show, and rather, every male was ridiculed for his masculinity.

“This then led into other aspects of society and media I was just starting to become aware of.

“The allegory of taking the red pill is one of an awakening. Feminization was everywhere, but my inner, conditioned guilt for even considering the possibility of feminine-primacy was hindering my unplugging from it.

“I remember at first feeling guilty about feeling offended by just my noticing this. I felt ashamed of myself for thinking that maybe things weren’t as ‘normal’ as women would like me to think.

“What I didn’t understand was that this was part of my conditioning; to internalize a sense of shame for questioning that ‘normalcy’.

“A lot of men never get past this programming and never unplug. It’s just too embedded in “who they are”, and the resulting internal conflict will prompt them to deny the realities of their condition and sometimes actively fight others who challenge the normalcy they need in order to exist.

“Once I’d gotten past the self-shame, I began to notice other patterns and interlocking social conventions that promoted this fem-centrism.

“From the macro dynamics of divorce laws and legal definitions of rape, to the gender bias in military conscription (drafting only men to die in war) and down to the smallest details of mundane water cooler talk in the work place, I began to realize just how overwhelming this influence is on our existences.”