Risky Songs

We’ve been asked a few times, a fun little question. It’s been asked different ways. But, this is the essence of it:

What song or songs best represent your philosophy of being a risk-taker, or of stepping out beyond the everyday ho-hum of discovery and higher-learning?

“Well,” we tell them, “glad you asked!”

At the end of 2010, Pink wrote an anthem – Raise Your Glass – to nonconformity; an ode to society’s outcasts, weirdos, mavericks and renegades.

We’re not saying we’re weird or anything. But, certainly, when it comes to provoking thought, questioning statist beliefs, and pushing the boundaries, we can hold our own.

If you want to be somebody who achieves greater returns in life, not just in business or with money, you DO have to learn to swim against the flow of the cultural norm.

There’s another song we tend to gravitate to, to share with people who have the inner-perception that they’ve only got one shot.

Or, maybe they’re just using fear as an excuse to NOT force through the opportunities staring right in front of them.

It’s Eminem’s Lose Yourself.