Why You Need To Seek Out The Absurd

Tim Ferriss says:

There’s so much absurdity in life that we should embrace, that being serious and mature can act as kryptonite.”

We wholeheartedly agree… as, we here at Risky.TV also feel there is a  proliferating march toward  keeping things too matter of fact; too plain vanilla and too robotically-conforming

All thing indeed that are designed to stifle creativity and socially-dynamic discussion that could have lasting impact versus hollow lip-service via a 4-second social media post.

Editor’s Note: And, if the above short video doesn’t hammer home the point for you, check this out from John Kim (aka The Angry Therapist):

Here’s the thing about life. We shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. We have to leave room to laugh at ourselves a little bit.

That gives us room for self acceptance -> self love. Because if we’re always so serious, we will wake up one day wondering where our lives went.

I used to be the super serious guy who had no time for jokes and silliness and the only thing I got from that was deeper furrows and a shit ton of anxiety. It didn’t attract anything but stress.

There’s a difference between taking what you do seriously and taking yourself seriously. Yes, take what you do seriously. Building a meaningful life. But don’t take yourself too seriously. Allow yourself to be human. Or your life won’t have meaning, no matter what you do.