The Hot vs. Crazy Matrix — Everything a Young Man Needs To Know About Women

[[ Anti-Resentment Warning ]] – if you’re a female and think certain raw truths about the Laws of Gender-Relationship should be 100% PC (or you’re just easily-offended, or take yourself and/or life way too seriously) then… well… just know the training in the video isn’t for you.

It’s only for the guys out there who, well, have a high-tolerance for the wacky versions of you 😉

And some serious advice from Ryan Michler:

To my single brothers (same goes for my sisters):

1) Don’t date crazy
2) Address red flags early
3) If she’s not growth oriented, run
4) Drama will ruin your life

Please, listen to me. I hear from men EVERY SINGLE DAY who have ignored this advice.

Find a good woman. Be a good man. Settle for nothing less.