Who Is Your Potential Customer?

Let me show you how we find profitable business ideas and “test” them before we ever spend a lot of money building them.

If you get your idea right, everything else becomes much, much easier. And if you get it wrong, you’re doomed — no fancy sales page or FB ads will save you.

Here are a few notable parts from the video:

  • (1:04) My 4-part framework to evaluate whether or not you’ve found a profitable idea
  • (3:19) Make sure you avoid this type of business — no one wants it
  • (4:29) My answer to the biggest question I get on validating product ideas
  • (5:50) How I use Google to kick-start my idea research (and what I look for when I find possible competitors)
  • (11:04) Quick tip: Should you be worried if your competition looks really professional?
  • (11:24) Step by step: How to use Amazon reviews to uncover research gold
  • (13:53) Who are the best customers?
  • (18:44) Quora vs Reddit for finding your biz idea, with examples
  • (21:51) How to find — and dig into — customer pain points
  • (25:06) The extra step that can transform your research … and your business
In the video, you can watch over my shoulder as I do real research for a potential business. You will not find videos like this anywhere else. But thanks to the scale of our business, I can share it as a gift to you.And if this is just our free material … imagine how good our premium courses are.

I hope you enjoy it.

– Ramit