The Golden Circle

I’m about to make a confession; one that, as a a businessman, I realize I should have made months ago. A ‘dose of accountable Kool-Aid,’ as my uncle used to say.

It’s been too long since we have invited our most loyal members to connect with us personally. Now, the reasonable counter-argument is, “hey, don’t be so hard on yourself, Barry. You sell research; you can’t spend your time being people’s guide and money-lifestyle advisor.” No, no I can’t.. but, I call bullsh*t if  Brad and I can’t at least have a heart-to-heart interactive discussion with some of our M4 Insider Platinum members.

NOTE: If our Platinum offering is too much to bite off at the moment (plus we do realize you may need to ease into our premium ‘money research’ club), check out M4 Insider Gold (the differences between the two are discussed at the bottom of the order page).

We realize M4’s own success comes from syncing ourselves to the dreams, fears, hopes and pains of our most loyal fans.  That is essential what Ramit talks about above in the video (or, his explanation is below my signature).

Bottomline: We will be doing precisely that, talking to our best customers, in a few short weeks.

by Barry Goss
Co-Founder & Publisher, M4 Research

One of the biggest myths in online business is that “bigger is better.” And as a result, a lot of people think they need tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers before they can start making money.

It’s like thinking you need to be able to dunk like Michael Jordan in order to play basketball. Did I do that sports analogy right?

The Golden Circle Theory describes how the majority of your success and happiness comes from cultivating a small circle of the right people. – Ramit Sethi