The Economics of Airbnb

Noah writes…

Today, I’m going to share how much you’ll REALLY make from Airbnb.

A lot of people talk about how great it is to invest in real estate.

  • “You should own a home!”
  • “Real estate is the best way to make money!”
  • “Make your home work for you!”

In theory, Airbnb might sound amazing. Rent your home when you’re not there, and you get paid. Easy, right?

But, the theory can be MUCH different than reality.

I’ve had an Airbnb for a few years, and I’ve seen the ups-and-downs. In today’s video, I’m going to share…

  1. How much does someone really make from an Airbnb?
  2. Would I recommend Airbnb to others?
  3. Where can you get better ROI for your time? Grab my Airbnb spreadsheet:

Get my Airbnd spreadsheet here…

We dutifully note one of Noah’s commenters, Max Royale (we love that name), makes a good point:

Thanks for the breakdown Noah. One thing I think that could be mentioned is that when you purchase property you are contributing to a portfolio and hedging.┬áIt’s also long term wealth building.

Basically the tenants are buying the property (with their rents) for you, so after 15yrs (or however your long your mortgage is) your property will be paid for and worth a lot more.

Also, property is a great way to get low cost loans as you can leverage the equity for other investments. Update your spreadsheet with this factor and I think you’ll see you have a real winner on your hands – long term of course