The Intention of a Social Justice Warrior

We’ve posted about the Social Justice (Warrior) trend before.

Like anything, of course, that gets out of whack… eventually, it snaps back to balance.

But, since it’s the ‘IN’ thing for some, at least you can learn about where the mindset comes from.

The above video from Coach Red Pill explains it in the most eloquent, and non-judgemental, way.

But, we here at Risky.TV also take a portion of one of his subscribers thoughts into account:

“SJWs are neo-marxist bullies, more than just another person trying to find his / her moral compass. Their doctrine is post modernism and marxism, and their style of action is female-authoritarianism (protect the helpless child from the predator, i.e. minorities vs white men)

“Its very naive to think they are just misguided good people imo, they are the pathological form of leftism?