“With Every Click Of The Shutter, You’re Trying to Press Pause on Your Life…

… if only so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on… Living in a world stuck on play.”

Yup, those are the profound, ever-so-true, words out of the introspective mind of one John Koening.

John, the creator of the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows YouTube channel, creates videos that bring out the essence of the emotions we all feel but don’t have a word for.

In Morii, he wants you to FEEL the complete irony, the almost insignificance, of trying to capture what is guaranteed to be a fleeting experience.

Or, in his words:

“If you think of every moment as another step on the long path to forgetting everything, a snapshot is a gate on that journey, a vibrant acknowledgement that something has changed.”

Just watch this 3:38 min video and you’ll understand.