What if Millennials Are No Different Than Any Other Generation?

This is one highly-reviewed, controversial — yet thought-provoking — video talk, by Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why.

And, we couldn’t think of any better preface to a video like this, one with over 2.5 milloion views, than what a long-time associate / thought-leader of ours, Amanda Lea Kroetsch, wrote:

I’ve seen this video kicking around friends feeds with rave reviews and holy crap it’s so on point …

It’s not just the millennials though who deal with the entitlement, impatience, depression & low self-esteem … its ANYONE who had parents with chronic addictions (alcohol, drugs, work, religion, etc.) and therefore didn’t develop certain relationship & communication & trust skills early on.

Our generation deals with very similar issues … especially an addiction to wanting to make an impact in order to feel good because we felt growing up that just who we were was not enough, that we were unable to have a positive impact on our parents lives. We missed out on that feeling/knowing that just being alive was good enough. We felt helpless as kids and most of the time now we still do.

So much food for thought in this vid. Has me considering a whole new relationship with my cellphone when around my family, friends & boyfriend.

It’s very sad that so many of us (myself included) feel so lonely while in the presence of others. We feel lonely when we are not even physically alone because most of the relationships we have are shallow and when they don’t give us the same instant gratification as the likes & texts do – we check out or check our phones.