A 2-minute Journey Into the Art of ‘Getting Lost’

This excerpt from the amazing book, “How To Be Ferociously Happy: and other essays,” perfectly syncs up with this video.

I am 46 years old.

By this I mean that I have been 20 and 25 and 29 (and everything in between.)

I have at every age been “anxious” to “figure it out”. If someone asked me what all these years have given me, I would say, “Hello. My name is Dushka, and I am an expert at getting lost.

Fortunately for me, stumbling around feeling lost is the only way to accumulate the experience required in getting found.

Here is the big fat secret adults keep from younger people.


The age where you think you will have everything figured out never comes.

It doesn’t exist. Everyone is convinced that happiness lies on the other side of “figuring it out”. Instead, happiness is now. Figuring it out is supposed to be fun.

It’s why we are here. Feeling like you are the only person who hasn’t is an illusion created mostly by yourself.

Figuring it out is another expression for the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not “when I turn 30” or “when I find a boyfriend” or “once I get a job” or anywhere in the future.

It’s within the actual pursuit. Resolve to make it an adventure. We are all trying to find ourselves.

Here is why:  finding yourself is a moving target. The world changes constantly.

We change constantly. Once you find yourself you have to begin again.

So it’s best that you start accumulating relevant experience. Hurray to feeling lost at every age.

Now, scroll back to the top and listen in as mega-mind freestyler Jason Siva takes you on a 2-minute journey into the art of getting lost — traveling into the unknown, asking the hard questions, and realizing your fullest potential,