How To Ensure You’re Getting the Best Deal

Building wealth can be an exciting pursuit; yet, just as with the 20 paradoxes Mark Manson points out, there’s also a head-spinning contradiction to that.

In short, it’s the un-sexy part of wealth-building that, er, paradoxically fuels the wealth.

What I’m talking about is saving money… AND… spending less than you have to (which, ironically, helps the former pursuit).

But, yeah.. of course.. out of speed and convenience, don’t we always just find it easier to pay for the price we SEE when we SEE it?

‘Nuff of that nonsense! I recently downloaded an app I intro in the above video.

After two weeks of persistent reminders from a buddy of mine to use it, I’m so, so glad I did.

– Barry Goss

The site / app introduced in the above video is an example of just one of 50+ resources, links, contacts, and action advice sets (ie, combined ‘Money Hacks’) we have waiting for you inside the The Renegade Money Guide.