Helping Your Child Find The Creativity Within

In this award winning pixar-esque short film, Alike, you’ll nmeet Copi… a father who tries to teach his son, Paste, to follow the correct path.

But, truly, is the ‘norm’ going to be the right way?

As one viewer put it:

The message of this beautiful movie is simple yet complex. For me it says to defy conformity. To let your children do what they really wanna do. Find out their passion at the early age by keenly observing their interests. Encourage them more often.

Empower them to learn what they like to do. Help them take risks, fail often and get up again towards success.

I always wanted that my parents would have let me think freely. Think without boundaries. Think that there is no box. Think that there is no pressure of society.

But I promised to myself that I will let my kids do. Would you??