This Guy is Every Airline’s Worst Nightmare

According to the man in this video “… Chutz Pak (ie, balls; shameless audacity; impudence) runs the world.”

Well, no matter what you may think of this seemingly pretentious little f*ck, one thing is fa shur:

Justin Ross Lee is exactly who he thinks he is.

A well-traveled renegade living life large in airports, VIP lounges and in first-class.

Now, we here at Risky.TV sorta dig this kinda shit. After all, if it’s uncommon, unique, off-the-beaten-path, we’ll that what we kinda stand for anyway. But, the rest of this intro we’re handing off to Elite Daily, mainly ’cause this editor has a date with a glass of gin:

You might have seen him before, probably on social media, where his Internet presence encroaches upon the size of his ego. I mean, take a look at his Instagram; it’s a storyboard for an Action Bronson verse.

According to JRL, “If your life isn’t a postcard, it’s not worth the stamp.”

If you’re not familiar with his social media persona, then you may have seen him in the tabloids. He’s certainly no stranger to making news; in fact, a number of his celebrity spats have been publicized in the New York Times and New York Post.

Again, anything but normal.

In the words of JRL, “Normal is the ugliest word in the English language. Average is a close second.” For Lee, these words are synonymous with mediocrity, and those who simply accept mediocrity are schmucks – and fall in line to those who stand out. Literally speaking.

In this feature, Lee takes us to the airport, which doubles as his home office, and shows us a few “travel tips” in a way only JRL could—  with style, arrogance and, well, hilarity.