The World Is Like an Amusement Park…

The late Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994)  — a stand-up comedian, satirist, and musician — was the most legitimate (uncensored and raw) social critic of the 1990s: a renegade (risky) thinker who tried to make people laugh, but usually ended up pissing them off, or drawing blank stares.

Well la-di-da, how ’bout that:  another guy speaking out against mediocrity, incompetency, and the proliferation of so-called leaders getting in their own way… yet, because they (the masses) associate intensity and biting language with negativity and unenlightenment, Bill figuratively caused most to “run for the hills.”

In this clip, you’ll hear his take on the ever-changing, impermanence of the life we live.. accept, adore, love it, deal with it. Boom!