Why We’re Inspired By Nature!

As a student of life, I believe that intelligence manifests itself not through expression or formality, but through observation and genuine curiosity. Observing nature is always an awe-inspiring, spiritual experience for me; I could sit and watch waves crash for hours.

The ocean, in particular, reminds me how incredibly fascinating our planet is, and how little we know, despite what we think we know. There is nothing more humbling than being face-to-face with something so much bigger than yourself.

But I often wonder why nature inspires us, and why we’re in awe of certain scenery, and why we find these landscapes, oceans, and stars so breathtaking. We haven’t done anything to earn this awe, so why do we feel it?

It is this very question that leads me to believe our most inspired state, then, is not one of accomplishment, but of …

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