What Would You Do…

…If Today Were Your Last Day?

In less than 1-minute, Nick Vujicic’s video will give a sense of realism, of let’s-cut-to-the-chase perspective, on what really matters most.

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And Sean Smith writes:

If today was your last day, what would you be remembered for?

  • How many people would cry for you?
  • Speak at your funeral?
  • Truely miss you.?
  • How many hearts have you healed?
  • How many people have you saved from their own hand?
  • Be a shoulder to cry on?
  • Help a man on the street get on his feet again?
  • Would you be remembered forever?
  • Or, would your memory be forgotten?

The smallest things you say and do will influence far more than you can imagine.

Never underestimate the magnitude of your actions. Your act of kindness no matter how small, can change the world for the better.