Top 6 Business Blunders

The stories of trials and tribulation above totally relates to this:

Bloody Tale of Vicious, Senseless Animal Slayings Guides New Businesses to True Wisdom

A donkey, a lion, and a fox decide to go out hunting for rabbits. After a pretty good day of hunting, they had collected a large pile of rabbits. The lion says to Mr. Donkey, “I’d like for you to divide the rabbits fairly among the three of us.”

So, the donkey took the rabbits and made them into three equal piles and said, “How’s that?” The lion immediately pounced on the donkey and killed him.

Then the lion threw all the rabbits on top of the donkey and made one big pile. The lion turned to Mr. Fox and said, “I’d like for you to divide the rabbits evenly between the two of us.” The fox walked over to the pile of rabbits and took one little scrawny rabbit for himself and put it in his pile. He left the rest of the rabbits in the large pile and said, “That pile of rabbits if for you, Mr. Lion.”

The lion said, “Mr. Fox, where did you learn to divide so evenly?”

And the fox replied, “The donkey taught me.”

The moral of the story?

Well …. it seems quite clear it is this:   if you can learn from your own experiences, you are smart. However, if you can learn from other’s, then you are wise.