5 Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing — and How to Fix It

King Sumo is back with more bidness mastery and a little bit of mayhem too 😉

As the CEO of Sumo and AppSumo (an 8-figure business), I get a lot of questions about building a business.

Because I’ve run both companies for seven years — and was an early employee at Facebook and Mint.com before — I’ve experimented with THOUSANDS of tactics, strategies, and methods to build a business.

Most “business tips” are clickbait garbage. Worse, if you follow them you might be throwing money down the drain… and you might waste time on the wrong thing, eventually ruining your business.

I’m here to help. Today, I’m going to give you 5 proven tips to build your business.

These are the exact tips I’ve used to build multiple companies. In other words, these are the tips which actually work.

If your business has plateaued this video can help you. Or, if you’re looking to start your first business, this video can help you avoid the common pitfalls — and skyrocket your business to success.