The Two Most Precious Resources On The Planet

In the movie In Time (above) time is used as currency. There’s a scene where Justin Timberlake’s main character is asked what he’d do if he had more of it than he could ever spend.

His answer?

“I sure as hell wouldn’t waste it.”

For most of us, why we’re trying to save or invest our money rarely comes up day to day, and if it does, we shoot back the standard material-items-checklist from the Joneses:

  • New house
  • New car
  • New kitchen
  • New TV

…and oh, yeah, right, the kids. They’re supposed to go to college. “You know, the usual stuff.”

But…why? Why? Why?

Money does buy a lot of material belongings, but you can also trade it for the most intangible, scarcest resources on the planet: time and freedom.

“Look at me, I’m free to make this decision.”

Isn’t that the statement a new BMW really makes? Given you’re happy with a modest lifestyle, $1-$2 million at a 4% interest rate is more than enough.

You could take your clock and do what Will said:

“Stop watching it. You have all that time. Don’t waste it.”

If you can figure out why saving and investing now is important to you, it’ll be a lot easier to stop putting it off.

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