The Nature of (Most) Women

We already knew, before posting this, that it would be risky to do so… after all, its us sharing a video from a very savvy, smart, intelligent man who… ut-oh… is seemingly psychoanalying the generalities out of “women.”

Yeah, risky indeed. But, it’s why this site exists. To march from the beat of a different drummer. To share stuff that is considered taboo. To educate beyond the social constructs of “normal.”

So, dive right in (above) to Richard Cooper’s distilled notes about the 5 things women don’t want you to know.

Or, we do believe one of the commenters on his video summarizes some things to consider too:

Women aren’t complicated:

– Passive aggressive
– Plausible deniability
– Aren’t deep or long-term thinkers
– 80% emotions 20% logic
– Are more fragile and weaker than men (biology and physiology proves it)
– Herd-like mentality
– Opportunists
– Takers/users
– Their go-to weapons: emotional manipulation, politicians, simps & white knights.
– They AREN’T sugar, spice, and everything nice.
– Are pleasure generators

Dealing with women:

– Your health, mission, and purpose is first and foremost.
– Select amongst the women who are selecting you (no need for pick-up lines).
-A woman is to get on YOUR program or you don’t deal with her.
– Women are to be treated firmly but occasionally babied (92% firm 8% emotion).
– ALWAYS be prepared (financially, emotionally, physically) to leave her. Especially if/when you’re married!
– Don’t EVER take her crap.
– NEVER reward bad behavior or poor performance.
– Call her out on her bs on the spot.
– Deal with your emotional turmoil alone.
– Spend time alone.
– You are the prize (remove vagina from the relationship then you’ll truly see her worth).
– You AREN’T responsible for her happiness.
– You either love them or you understand them. You can’t do both!
– If you don’t/can’t rock her world sexually. Leave her alone, get another woman.
– All you need to know to figure her out: Environment she was raised in; subcultures she subscribes to; her closest friends; 1st/2nd/3rd type of guys she slept with; relationship w/her parents.?