How Many Times Will You Risk It For Your Girl?

Sometimes when you feel like giving up, your soul just keeps loudly yelling at your heart: “Remember why you held on so many times in the fist place!”

This video montage and song, Shattered by O.A.R, reminds us that no matter how many times a guy can get hurt from extending his love, his affection, to his girl… often it’s hard to just keep driving, or NOT “turn the car around” and be vulnerable.

Contrary to popular nonsense, dudes can be highly-intuitive, in-touch with things that are “off,” too. So, next time you feel like you’re being pushed away again, remember:

If your girl is transparent, is real, is emotionally-mature & honest, she might just admit that she was spending more time thinking about what could go wrong than what is going right! Or, to say it differently, the underlying fear in her might just be this:

I keep thinking it’s all too good to be true!

So, big boy… pipe up the song above and push through that shit !