The Most Shameful Basketball Flop Ever!

There’s been a growing trend in basketball to “flop” (ie, for a player to fake or sensationalize a foul).

Since it’s only sport, the behavior of acting ‘as if’ something greater happened to you than it really did may only seem harmless. Yet, we do wonder if it comes from a greater socially-acceptable disintegration of character.

Either that, or its a very far distant cousin (offshoot) of the burgeoning meme of Victim-itis in the country.

Yeah, like that? How we found a way to inter-weave in the stupidity of flopping with the greater social-acceptance of crying wolf?

Anyway, in the clip above, watch Oregon junior Dillon Brooks, who is All American talent. That talent doesn’t appear to extend to flopping, because this is just shameful.