The Relationship Agreement ?

Noah Kagain asks:

Do you have an agreement for your relationship?

It might sound weird at first, but a relationship agreement has been a HUGE help in my romantic relationship this year.

The relationship agreement helps you make sure you and your significant other are on the same page.

There are less arguments, more clarity around expectations, and it makes your relationship agreement a lot more FUN.

Best of all, this doesn’t JUST have to be for your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, or fling.

You can modify the agreement for your business partners, friends, and more.

The key is to help DEFINE expectations in your relationships so everyone is happy.

In this video, I’ll share the relationship agreement my girlfriend and I created.

You’ll learn the 9 different parts of the agreement:

0:56 reasons for being with the person

1:07 how to be great friends first

1:24 date nights (and which place you both visit)

2:01 personal development goals

2:14 trips — and what time of vacations you like (relaxing, adventure, mix?)

2:27 sex (giggity… but this is also important)

2:57 is monogamy important?

3:33 future family and career

3:59 marriage notes

New York Times article

The Relationship Agreement template: