Why a REAL Relationship Eludes You

Jay Shetty, in the above powerful poetic speech, wonders what we’re really looking for in this day and age of social media fakery and non-interactive communication.

This excerpt sets the tone for what you’ll hear by playing the video.

“We swipe left in hopes of finding the right one; we try to special order our soul mates like we do on Postmates. We read ‘5 Ways To Know He’s Into You” and “7 Ways She Will Fall for You,” thinking we can up-cycle a person into a relationship like a Pintrest project.

We invest more time into our Tinder profiles than we do with our personalities.”

IDEA: If you’re relationship frustrated, actually focus on the full video without distraction. Actually bring in a level of honest self-reflection of your own beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from experiencing what you only dream and plunder on about in your head.

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