Profit From BitContent ( Coming )

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This is a recent news item we got from our crypto-currency guy, David:

This is a very interesting development.

Kim Dotcom, the originator of the original MegaUpload (which also got him into legal hot water) is close to launching MegaUpload 2, featuring Bitcache.

From what I can ascertain, Bitcache is an off-chain service that will enable instant micro transactions linked to content that anyone can upload and have monetised. The Bitcache technology will not be limited to Megaupload 2, but available for uploading content (and being paid for it) anywhere.

The plus for Bitcoin is that it’s the crypto-currency that will power this potential beast.

To learn learn what is transpiring… first, watch the video above. Next, we highly recommend you snag a copy of David’s report, ‘How to Become a Crypto Millionaire.”