Nothing Ever Really Ends

Seen over the course of three consecutive New Year’s Eves, a couple in their late 20’s that just can’t seem to quit one another, resolve to break up only to make up again.

Can a broken record of hurt feelings and happy endings lead to a healthier relationship?

Director and writer: Jakob Rørvik
Actors: Kristin Jess Rodin, Arthur Berning, Ine Wilmann
Producers: Moa Liljedahl & Åshild Ramborg
Executive Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal
Cinematographer: Annika Summerson ( )
Editor: Christian Siebenherz
Sound designer: Hugo Ekornes
Composer: diskJokke
Production designer: Ann Kristin Talleraas
Costume designer: Hanne Randin
Make-up: Marthe Erlandsen
Location sound: Helge Krogsæther Bodøgaard
Production manager: Øystein Dale Svendsen
Colorist: Julien Alary
Production Company: Maipo Film
Made with support from: The Norwegian Film Institute, Filmkraft Rogaland, Fond for lyd og bilde, Nordisk Film Shortcut, Storyline Studios, Maipo Film