Money Likes Speed

Self-professed ‘Question Master Carl Harvey knows a thing or two about getting right to the point with a solid Q.

And, in the video above he gives his take on the infamous Dr. Joe Vitale mantra shown in the above title.

My take?

Ideas are a dime a dozen (at least for me); yet, I’ve learned to not easily dismiss any one that comes my way. If I did, I’d by like the majority who yeah-butt the hell out of everything. Yeah, but I don’t have the money, the education, the experience, time, ____ (fill in any excuse).

And often, we all know what to do, but we don’t DO what we know – what we know how to already do; or what could get us closer to our desire if (yeah, if) we just had some motivation (The MIND stuff we do often write about in M4 Insider). ~ BG

Now, let’s see what copywriting maestro, John Macintyre has to say about it:

Take a look at the most successful people you know.

What are they good at?

Once you break everything down and see past the flurry of their to-do list, you’ll see that successful people all have one thing in common:

They execute… fast.

They get shit done.

They don’t fuck around.

They don’t make excuses.

They don’t spend endless hours planning.

They put pedal-to-the-metal and crank forward.

They put their ass in their chair and hustle. Day in. Day out.

Sometimes, it comes easy.

Other times, it’s hard.

But they battle through it.

They know that speed is their weapon in their quest for achievement.

Instead of trying one new strategy a month, successful people try a new strategy every week (or every day).

Instead of trying to perfect things that don’t matter (like their logo or the design of their Facebook page), they come up with 10 offers they can test.