How We Thrive: Mama Gold Tone

We’re excited to announce the release of the first documentary in our docuseries:  How We Thrive! (playlist)

“How We Thrive” is a docuseries profiling female entrepreneurs and the impact their businesses have made on the world.

From one of the world’s more prolific acoustic instrument companies, to a Senegalese entrepreneur trying to combat the poverty image – each episode follows the creation and growth of a specific company, the trials and tribulations experienced, and the knowledge gained – with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We chose women who not only do business well, despite all of the roadblocks: funding, regulation, competitive markets, but women who are passionate about what they do – women who are striving to make a difference.

In this first episode, discover how Robyn Rogers turned her backyard workshop into a multi-million-dollar business while juggling her responsibilities as a wife and mother.