A Lover Isn’t Your Personal ‘People Pleaser’

This 3-minute video sorta nutshells what we’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years.

The purpose of any exploratory intimate relationship, no matter how short-lived or consistently long-held, is this:

To ensure you both hold each other to to the highest version of your individual selves.

Meaning, being together in open communication, honesty and authentic expression to determine if you’re better together than being apart.

But, that assessment doesn’t come inclusive to 100% support, or 100% feel-good times and exchanges ( learn more… )

As one viewers of the above video put it:

“A lover isn’t just someone who can make you feel better when you’ve acted wrongly or are experiencing insecurity, but someone whose opinion you trust enough that they can help open your mind to criticism/feedback that you would otherwise ignore.

“Two lovers can help push one another to attempt to grow as people; a team that feels comfortable enough to call each other out on their faults, while loving each other enough that, as long as they’re each trying their best, the end destination doesn’t matter!”