Just WTF is a Warrior Poet?

One person who’s scared to death of an argument. Another “tough guy” who acts macho 24/7.

According to Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of an 8-figure company (Onnit), both mentalities are B.S.

At both extremes you’re damaging yourself, others, and not living to your full potential. This isn’t just about “machoism” either. I

It’s true of spirituality (new age vs. non-believer), politics (liberal or conservative), and so much more.

These mentalities can keep us in a box.

Worse of all, they lead can to two limiting beliefs:

1) Feeling unworthy

2) Lack of self-love

The key to success is to live a life of balance and love yourself unconditionally.

In this video, Aubrey explains his journey of finding balance in his life “Warrior Poet.”

You’ll hear examples of historic Warrior Poets who changed the world (like Socrates) — and how you can become a Warrior Poet, too. Then, Aubrey shares how he loves himself — and how you can love yourself no matter how much money you have, how “successful” you are, or anything else.

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