The Internet’s Next Logical Step


No, we’re not cursing at you in Japanese.

That is the first name of the gentlemen who narrates all the videos on the ColdFusionTv YouTube channel.

He puts together some pretty useful, fun-to-watch vids arounds technology and business.

From insider history into Apple (and why it’s such a behemoth of a company)… to… truly understanding the concept of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)… to… radical insight into who (really) controls all our money… to… why blockchain matters more than you may think (video above), Dagoogo has a nice thing going with over 1.3 million subscribers.

So dive in with the last one and learn why you should feel proud for knowing about “Blockchain” when its truly just getting off the ground floor.

If you’re still unsure how cryptocurrency in general outshines fiat-currency and/or don’t yet understand the significant advantages of the former, watch Dagogo’s video, Bitcoin(Cryptos) vs. Normal Currency