Investing On Fumes

Truth be told,  a big (but often gone unsaid) component of investing has to do with the base you have to start with.
Or, to be street-level raw about it, as Bobby Baccalieri might ask,
“You want in dis deal? Wanna be a big earner? Jus wut kind o’ dough you got to start wit?”
Okay, okay, so my Sopranos lingo might be a tad off, but you get the gist of this topic, if you have $1000 in spare (non-discretionary) cash to put into an investment, and I have $100,000, my options are greater and I have the opportunity for a bigger overall return; even a bit less risk (that is talked about in our Sane Investing Report).
Anyway, in the video above, Jaspreet gives some broad perspective about what your choices are. I have a bit of a quibble with some of his terminology (or context around it), but nonetheless, it’s still a great piece of big-picture thinking on the topic.