Getting ‘HIGH’ on BLAME

We couldn’t think of a better song to go along with an epic ‘tough love’ written journey into the darkness of BLAME.

Step 1: Watch the music video, Human, by Rag’nBone, above

Step 2: Read this piece from Risky.TV’s managing editor, Barry Goss

‘m no psychologist, or even play one on T.V., yet when one starts to notice human nature in action, one also can have the experiential pedigree to state what others may not come to awareness about without the unsolicited perspective. Sort of like the old man in Vegas who will always be ‘hitting’ on seventeen at the Blackjack table, some people just don’t want to learn the better odds, or see the obvious.  So, I’m here to be the generous pit boss on this one topic today 😉

Ever known a person who is practically addicted to finding someone or something to blame for the turmoil they have going on inside themselves?; or something (anything really) external to them to FOCUS on, so the quiet voice inside doesn’t start whispering:

“hey ___ [insert your first name], I’m asking YOU to ask yourself this, ‘What is going on with me?‘ – yes, look in the mirror and repeat that soft question until you know the answer(s).”


( …when you assume somebody did you wrong; when you feel ousted; when you figure somebody is unappreciative to you or disrespecting your time, energy, or effort; when you FOCUS too much on trying to change, fix, or just generally be annoyed at others habits, beliefs, intentions, or behavior… )

…again, that $64,000 question to ask is: ‘What the fuck is going on with me?

It’s certainly a FACT that chemical endorphins in the brain get released when we Homo sapiens perceive an “experience” as BAD, and some people are just naturally inclined (developmental trauma and DNA do have a lot to do with it) to get triggered into INTENSE feelings of guilt or shame, thereby producing a type of invisible HIGH.

A subliminal sense of pride almost in knowing there’s somebody (anybody but yourself) OUTSIDE of you that can react to you.

And I say ‘invisible high’ because its totally unlike the HIGH associated with substances, like alcohol or other drugs.

Via INTENSE blame, guilt, or scorn…. we don’t sense that we got HIGH, but the surge of chemical cocktails has occurred in our brains nonetheless and it satiates our need to relieve the uneasy feeling of guilt or shame. It doesn’t matter whether we blame ourselves, or someone else… the result is the SAME:

We produce a position… to PLACE the blame! We manufacture it! We create it!

Yet, always remember: when you blame others, you also simultaneously give-up YOUR power to change.