College: The Fast track to Financial Destruction

A bit of hyperbole, you say?

Well, consider this: the average 2016 grad holds $37,000+ over their heads in student debt.

Over the last 15 years, the cost of college has reached a level that for most Americans has exceeded the benefits of a 4 year degree.

Though the mainstream still pushes high school graduates to go to college as a MUST DO to be successful, today’s youth are seeing through the propaganda as enrollment numbers have already declined 5 years in a row.

This short 9-minute documentary exposes how overburdening debt and the shrinking jobs market can no longer justify the reality of that mindless attendance to institutionalized higher education isn’t paying off, in the long-term, for millions.

But, if you still want your child to go to collage (let’s say for social / interpersonal skills) there is a unique way to get brand name companies to pay for the entire cost of that 4-year experience. See Idea #7 via the series ‘17 Ideas & Tools for More Money in 2017‘ (available to M4 Insider members)