This Butterfly Proves Your Life Matters

We’re the first here, at Risky.TV, to advise our loyal viewers to not get so consumed in their own heads.

And, of course, looking back on events from the past (while playing with ‘what if‘ and ‘could have been‘ thoughts) DO cause you to go deeper into your head.

So why would we then curate a video on our site that is all about wondering what (Z) COULD HAVE been changed if a few key experiences and actions (X) took shape slightly differently (Y)?

Well, let’s just say it has everything to do with the title of this post.

You see… it is still very important for you to know that the conscious actions you choose today will have a dramatic effect on your future self, your future experiences and future connection with those (or those not) around you.

The chain of effects that can snowball, based off one seemingly simply choice, make YOU one helluva very special person.

’nuff said.

Now, go watch The Bufferfly Effect above.