What To Have In Your Backpack When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes

This is an excerpt from Barry Goss’ October 2011 M4 Insider member update, which ties in nicely with the above video:

[ In ref to Gold ] As a “monetary asset” (yup, regardless of Ron Paul faithfuls’ claim, Bernake was 100% correct with that label; while you can’t pay for dinner with it, you can use it as collateral), bullion (physical gold) is the best hopeful insurance against economic and political disaster (i.e., bureaucrats causing COMPLETE loss of confidence in the worldwide fiat monetary system, as represented through multiple currencies (think: Yen, Dollar, Franc, Euro, etc).

I didn’t add in the word “social” above, as in a breakdown of society, Mad Max style, gold isn’t going to be anything other than a shiny rock to look at. In this far-fetched scenario, the commodities I want on hand are:

Hundreds of 5-gallon Poland Spring Water containers, gasoline stored to run a generator for months, firewood, blood pressure medicine, storable food, Swiss Army knife, Bowie knife, batteries, shortwave radio receiver, and a Remington pump-action 10-gauge shotgun, with sufficient ammo.

Do I spend a waking minute worrying, or even thinking, that the above scenario can (or will) happen? Ah, I think you already know the answer. But, I’ll say it like this:

NO! 🙂

Instead, I get enthralled with ideas! Combine those with prosperity-minded people, experience, and technological resources and you can’t help but be part of creating a better world through VALUE and INNOVATION (more on that here…).