“Big, Fat, Hairy, Audacious Dreams”

Every week, we’re unveiling a new vetted resource, program, or contact that is a tangible, worthy vehicle for growing your money.

Without vehicles like this — one where the manager has a focused and proven record of churning out above-average ROIs — life would be dull, and ALL our money would be in ‘lock down’ or ‘preservation’ mode.

We’d be no different than The Herd who follows every other frightened cow who is shaking in their boots to take a chance, a leap, and a risk on life… and, more importantly, themselves.

And, this is one of the key points, as it relates to taking what’s right in front of you, that Nike is trying to make with its Better World commercial curated above (it was first unveiled in 2011).

Sure, there’s a greater good (for others, the environment, public policy) aspect to it; however, underneath the ideological message there is still the most important one:

You’ve got to personally grasp onto the opportunities that are available to you NOW.

Life’s short, sport is life, and life is sport… it gives you the chance to find out what you’re made of. By the very fact that you’re reading this, you have a very advantageous seat at the table.

Now, wud’ya going to DO while you’re there?

Hint: Instead of looking around, trying to find others who will validate any desire to stay in a rut, a comfort zone, or at your current financial level, MOVE INTO GREATNESS! Step out onto the playing field of life and let your fullest potential shine.