AI Apocalypse – Not Here Anytime Soon

If you’re fleeing from robots in the AI apocalypse, try heading for the ski slopes—a recent competition showed the machines can’t even handle a bunny hill.


A short drive from the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea is hosting another winter sporting event: Alpine skiing with robots.  Eight teams from universities and companies competed. Each team sent a completely autonomous humanoid down a 70-meter-long ski slope, equipped with sensors to detect obstacles. The result was impressive at times, but mostly comical.

Editor’s Note: And this from Barry’s Money Monday Newsletter (Issue #41):


This is no joke. It’s not stuff of Hollywood script-writing anymore. The smart machines (maybe, soon, smarter than the human brain) are here to stay. On Feb 2nd, I sent out a M4 Insider-only member email titled, How To Invest In Robots / A.I. (if you didn’t get that email, simply let me know by replying to this email). And, as reported on Feb 11th, “Today, top individuals from around the world convened at the World Government Summit to discuss the agenda that should govern the next generation of governments. Yesterday, a select few of these leaders gathered secretive meeting to discuss the guidelines that nations should use as they help their people come to terms with no longer being the only sentient species on the planet. Attendees also discussed the most immediate ways they can implement AI to make our lives better, who should govern AI, and how to navigate the perilous roads ahead.”
+ Think I’m kidding about just how surreal this is getting? Well, Sofia might have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to say about that. Or Auto ML, by Google brain, just might create its own controller neutral net to come find your skeptical little arse and spank you silly [ ok, my tongue is out of my check now