A Reminder About Our Most Important Personal Resource

Is life really too damn short, or are we just wasting too much of it? — after all, most of us don’t truly wake-up enough, spiritually & emotionally, to even know what we want until we’re in our 30’s then we have like, what, 40 years left?

If you desire more, we highly recommend studying the philosophy of Stoicism.

Stoicism is an ancient Greco-Roman philosophy that emphasizes confronting adversity by focusing on the things you can control, and letting go of everything else

One of the best places to start is at DailyStoic.com (get their free 7-day starter pack)

As the site says:

“Stoicism has just a few central teachings. It sets out to remind us of how unpredictable the world can be. How brief our moment of life is. How to be steadfast, and strong, and in control of yourself. And finally, that the source of our dissatisfaction lies in our impulsive dependency on our reflexive senses rather than logic.”