A Different Kind of In Living Color

If we didn’t like Jim Carrey so much — as an overall human and all-around cool guy (not just as an actor and comedian) — we might actually just leave our preface to this video with this comment by a YouTuber:

Another bored millionaire who’s fallen from the public eye and attempting to be relevant by pontificating about his hobby. He’s become a caricature of what he thinks an artist is by waxing and waning with empty pseudo-intellectual and self-aggrandizing platitudes. He’s going on about painting as if it’s a divine activity of “Christ consciousness” that chose him. It’s vapid existentialist absurdity.

..but, we won’t just stand for that somewhat half-truth critical-coolness of artciulate-ness…

We’ll also include the beginnings of Richard Horgan’s AdWeek overview of the 6-minute documentary:

A portrait of Jim Carrey as a committed, serious visual artist. Anchored to a street-level studio space in New York City. It’s anything but standard Hollywood summer fare.

Carrey is not going for formulaic laughs; I Need Color runs just over six minutes; and the film, very dynamically, captures the actor’s fulfillment of some additional artistic impulses he has been exploring since childhood.

When Carrey says the following about painting in the film, he stands at the opposite end of all those trailer spots where he waited for the next film scene to be prepped. He’s been there, done that. “I like the independence of it. I love the freedom of it. No one else tells you what you can or can’t do, most of the time. And there’s an immediacy to it.”

Carrey did a lot of sketching as a kid, but it is only when he [ continue here.. ]


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